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Monday, August 16, 2010

We have moved

For several months I have been developing a website on a webhost established upon a forum community. This forum community Noobs of War (NoW) is an online gaming community open to the public.

If you would like to know more about the forum, visit us at Noobs of War.

Best Regards,
Atmosferic/ Drazalon / Adrian

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CustomPCMAX: The Line of Custom PC Intellect

CustomPCMax has announced their new release on custom built gaming machines. These chuncks of metals are entitled to be the new hype of gaming experience. CustomPCMax seemingly can be described as Metal Steroids, with overclocking processors as well as up-to-date high quality performances. Featuring 3 custom builds at budgets from the typical AMD
to the renown Intel Extreme SLI Build.

Lately, CustomPCMax joined workforces with www.mnpctech.com, which offers mods such as unique case builds. Not what your looking for? No worries!

We can also custom configure a system to your needs if our pre-configured systems aren’t what you are looking for. Email us at custompcmax@yahoo.com if you would like to discuss a specific build.
CustomPCMax guarantees pre-tested and operating machines prior to shipping. Each PC built recieve individual attention in this process. This is all done so when you get it, all you need to do is plug it in and start gaming.

Visit CustomPCMax now!
Interested in case mods, dive into MNPC Tech.

PS3 Flock Beta

The new beta release Flock, announced by SCEO released limited time beta keys specifically for Gamespot. Luckily, most if not all PS3 gamers are eligible to redeem and download these keys.

... a PlayStation 3
... an active PlayStation 3 PSN ID
... 200MB free on your system
... Tuesday and Thursdays evenings available to test
... the latest firmware to access the PlayStation Store

If you meet ALL requirements, and have a registered gamespot.com account, please direct yourself Here. Further instructions and keys will be sent to your email address. Read more...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kill Zone 2 Hits High Shelves

Kill Zone, a high-end exclussive for the PS3. Though, this year a new sequel arrives: Kill Zone 2. According to industry stat-trackers the NPD Group, Guerrilla Games' long-in-the-making sci-fi shooter sold 323,000 units in the US in just 48 hours following its February 27 release on the PlayStation 3. With NPD expected to release its sales estimates for March next week, Sony has independently confirmed that Killzone 2 has continued to sell well.

"Killzone 2 has been the fastest SCEA PS3 title to break the 500,000 unit mark and it's also the highest selling SCEA PS3 title for the first 30 days out of launch," Steinberg told Game Daily. "So far, we are extremely happy with the results."

To keep the threshold up to about 500,000 Gorilla games has released downloadable content. One entitled "Steel and Titanic" which will provide two new multilayer maps that will be available late April.
"These are two fan favorite settings from single-player that we're bringing over," commented Hulst on the upcoming maps. "However, going forward, you're going to get some proper new features as well." As for those future releases, Hulst teased that the next DLC pack will revive a number of maps from the original Killzone, released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004.

Looking for more great sequels Gorilla!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Xbox 360 Arcade Release List 2009-2010

Here is a full list of upcomming XBOX 360 Arcade games scheduling from 2009-2010. I can't give much of the specifics. Please also note that this is NOT the entire list. I will update this if any new information is released.

2009 Releases
Q1 2009 Shadow Harvest *TBA Shooter
Q2 2009 Avatar, The Ubisoft Action
Q2 2009 Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Action
October 2009 Saw: The Videogame Brash Entertainment Action
TBA 2009 Alien -- RPG Project [untitled] SEGA RPG
TBA 2009 Big Huge Games RPG [untitled] THQ RPG
TBA 2009 Burnout Next [untitled] Electronic Arts Racing
TBA 2009 Cipher Complex *TBA Action
TBA 2009 Croteam Project [untitled] Gamecock Action
TBA 2009 Dungeon Hero Gamecock Action
TBA 2009 Edge of Twilight SouthPeak Interactive Action
TBA 2009 Galactic Command: KnightBlade *TBA Action
TBA 2009 Kingdom Under Fire II *TBA Strategy
TBA 2009 Merv Griffin's Crosswords ValuSoft Puzzle
TBA 2009 Omikron KARMA *TBA Adventure
TBA 2009 Planet 51 *TBA Action
TBA 2009 Project Strike Team [working title] Codemasters Action
TBA 2009 Red Faction: Guerrilla THQ Shooter
TBA 2009 Resident Evil 5 Capcom Action
TBA 2009 Section 8 Gamecock Shooter

2010 Releases
TBA 2010 Brash Entertainment "2010" Project [untitled] Brash
TBA 2010 Silicon Knights Psychological Thriller Project [untitled]


Monday, April 6, 2009

Pop star Pineapple Robbery

Japanese pop star dressed in a pineapple costume was robbed during a music video shoot in Sweden.

It seems that between takes, Hideki Kaji, former frontman of the group The Bridge and esteemed artist behind 10 solo albums, was left alone with $2,500 worth of camera equipment while the crew took a short break.

That’s when three young men entered the soundstage, beat up the innocent pop pineapple, and stole the gear!
Kaji was left with a cut lip, a dislodged dental implant, and his fruity pride tarnished.
Authorities are investigating, but as of yet, have no suspects.

Psh. I would of stolen the camera equipment anytime! Luck for them huh?..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UCSD Welcome Sent by Mistake

BLUNDER: College invited rejected applicants to admitted students' day.

SAN DIEGO - The University of California, San Diego accidentally sent a welcome e-mail to about 29,000 applicants who had been rejected.

The e-mail sent Monday evening invited all 47,000 students who applied to an admitted students' day on campus.

UCSD Admissions Director Mae Brown apologized for the mistake Tuesday and explained that the e-mail was supposed to go to about 18,000 accepted students.

Less than two hours after the error, she sent out another mass e-mail apologizing for distress it may have caused to anxious applicants and their families, Brown told The Associated Press.

"In all humility, I ask that you please accept my apologies and those of the University of California, San Diego," she wrote.

The entire staff of the admissions office spent Tuesday taking calls and e-mails from distraught applicants, she said.

"We've been dealing with calls from parents, students and counselors, asking if our original decision to deny has been reversed," she said.

Applicants for the incoming fall and winter freshman classes were notified whether they got in to UCSD on March 14. Many have not yet decided where to attend in the fall.

High school senior Katie McCray received a rejection from UCSD two weeks ago and was confused by the e-mail inviting her to UCSD's Admit Day, her mother, Janet Robinson, told The San Diego Union-Tribune. McCray was admitted to other schools. Read more...